"The Personal Shopper" by Carmen Reid

Annie Valentine is a personal shopper at a swanky London store, styling and re-inventing some of the wealthiest women around town. As a busy single mum trying to make ends meet, she also sells used clothing on the internet, does at home wardrobe consultations and flips homes so she can keep her kids at their expensive private school. But all of this leaves little time for romance.

Since her husband left, Annie has had little time for dating but she is starting to feel a little lonely. So she embarks on a quest to find a man. Will she meet a man at Discerning Diners, London's exclusive dinner dating experience? What about Ed, her childrens slightly offbeat teacher? Or Gray, the handsome dentist she was introduced to by her mother? Or will she end up finding that the dating world just isn't for her?

The Personal Shopper is a fun, quick read. Combining shopping and romance is a smart idea and makes for a breezy read. If you are into chick lit this is definitely worth a read.


  1. I think the chick lit book sounds good but
    I can wait to hear what you thought about
    "more" I had the hardest time getting that book at the library


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