"Divanomics" by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond was a highly successful writer, co-host of an Emmy-winning talk show, appearing all over the world in magazines, on television and in person, living a fabulous life when suddenly she found herself broke and in debt. How did she get there? More importantly, how was she going to remain fabulous?

Many people from all walks of life are finding themselves in financial trouble. Whether it's from overspending, bad decisions or a loss of income, people are finding that they need to make changes in their life in order to gain financial stability. In Divanomics, Michelle McKinney Hammond shows that we don't need to give up our entire lives to get out of debt. Yes, it is possible to remain fabulous when you are broke.

Divanomics is a basic book about reducing debt aimed at women. Hammond does not pretend to be a financial expert, she is simply relaying what has worked for her and how she has managed to change and keep up her lifestyle to get herself financially fit again. She is honest in talking about how she got into debt, taking on the responsibility where many would just blame others.

Each chapter is short and focuses on a different way of living. There are the traditional pieces of financial advice - getting rid of credit cards, starting a budget, using an envelope system. And there are more "diva" pieces of advice - how to eat at fancy restaurants for cheap, how to get designer clothing at less than what you've been spending and how to afford all your beauty products.

On top of all of this, Hammond weaves through the book Biblical teachings on finance and stewardship to show us that while we may be going through a rough time financially, God is still watching over us and will not leave us destitute.

Divanomics isn't going to teach you how to have millions saved for retirement, or give you a solid debt repayment plan, but it will show you practical ways to cut down your spending and save your money. If your diva lifestyle has left you in debt and you don't know where to start to get out of it, this book is the one for you. And no one will know you're having money problems because you will still be just as fabulous as before.

I received this book compliments of Tyndale House Publishers to review. The opinions I have expressed are purely my own.


  1. Hey thanks for reviewing this book because
    this diva is certainly broke!(lol)

  2. LOL. We're really good with our money thanks to some tough times so I figured there wouldn't be anything new for me to learn from this book....leave it to a diva to point out what I missed!

    My favourite tip is about how you can live in mansions for free in exchange for keeping them clean and showable while they are up for sale!


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