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"OMG Baby!" by Emma Garcia

Vivenne finally found true love with her best friend Max, but then it went all wrong.  And after a rather public declaration of her love followed by very public search when Max went missing, they are about to be reunited.  When Viv starts to feel sick, she puts it down to nerves but she and Max are soon about to find out that it’s something much bigger.  Max and Viv are thrilled to discover that they are expecting a baby.  But soon, it all sinks in and they begin to wonder how they can care for a baby when they can barely care for themselves.  Add to this situation Viv starting her own business and her estranged mother reappearing and moving in to their tiny apartment, and they begin to wonder if their relationship will make it to the birth of their baby. OMG Baby! is the second novel from Emma Garcia, and the follow-up to the fantastic Never Google Heartbreak .   Fabulous and fun, it is full of laughs and all around craziness.   I loved the character of Viv in the first

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Authors I've Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish . In the past I have always been the type of reader that finds a select group of writers they like and just reads everything that person writes.  But since I began blogging four years ago I have opened myself up to many, many new authors.  But that means that there are lot of authors who I end up reading one book by and though I really want to read more of their books, I never get around to it.  So this was a pretty easy list for me to put together.  I have divided it into two categories: Canadian authors and Chick Lit authors. Canadian Authors Joseph Boyden: I thoroughly enjoyed The Orenda , it is such a fantastic historical novel that truly captures the beginnings of our country and I know that Boyden is a strong voice for First Nations history and culture so I really want to read more of his books.  I also saw him speak at the Toronto Word on the Street and he is a fantastic, funny speaker. Nalo

"The Children Act" by Ian McEwan

As a High Court judge in London, Fiona Maye has presided over many newsworthy cases. But she is about to hear a case that will be front page news for days to come. Adam is a seventeen-year-old boy who needs a life-saving blood transfusion but whose parents will not permit it because of their beliefs as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The hospital is looking for a ruling that will allow them to go ahead with a transfusion against their wishes and it is Fiona’s decision to make with only a few days to spare. Fiona is more than happy to throw herself into the case. Her domestic life is in shambles, her husband has just asked her for an open marriage and when she refused, he moved out of their home.  On her own for the first time in many years, she finds herself worried less about the end of her marriage and more about how it looks to others. And when Adam's case refuses to leave her, even after she gives her ruling, she wonders at just what her life has and will become. The Children A