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Vacation Time!

Oh I wish it was that kind of vacation! Due to the illness of everyone in my family except me, my reading has been pretty much non-existent. And it will probably stay that way with March Break coming up next week. So I will be back in about a week and half with more reviews, hopefully until then I can find some bookish things to post about.

"Brooklyn Bites: Vol 1" by Scott Stabile

Brooklyn Bites by Scott Stabile is a collection of short stories that centre around relationships and incredible, delightful food in Brooklyn, New York. Heart-warming, rich and well-written, these stories will have you smiling at their familiarity and your mouth watering. While they capture the spirit of Brooklyn, New York you don't need to be from the city to make a connection. In Truffle Fries , a woman and her boyfriend share a steaming plate of truffle fries between them. As the women looks across the table, she sees the man she has loved for the last two years but lately has wanted to push off a cliff. As she lets the truffle fries whisk her away to far and romantic places, minus her boyfriend, she considers what it is she really wants from life. In A Little Taste of Chocolate , Rick and Shelly wake up hungover to the sounds of the irritating bulldog across the street. As they dread the day ahead in the tough economy that has hit everyone, they share their love along

"The Beggar's Opera" by Peggy Blair

Canadian detective Mike Ellis had hoped that the sun and sand of Old Havana, Cuba would help save his troubled marriage. The scars that adorn his face show that Ellis is carrying a lot of baggage and his wife has had enough of it. Inspector Ricardo Ramirez, head of the Major Crimes Unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police, is a respected, intelligent, hardworking man with a beautiful young family. But he is dying from the same form of dementia that killed his grandmother, one that makes him see the ghosts of victims of unsolved murders. Ellis and Ramirez's paths cross when a young Cuban boy turns up dead. Inspector Ramirez is investigating the crime when he discovers Ellis' wallet on the young boy. Ramirez has only a few days to build the case against Ellis and as he races against the clock, the case takes twists and turns, taking readers on an incredible journey. The Beggar's Opera by Peggy Blair is a fantastic, fast-paced mystery set in the beautiful lan