"Food, Inc." edited by Karl Weber

If you saw the film Food, Inc., you know that our food industry is in a lot of trouble. We are getting fatter, sicker and poorer. The time for change is now, and we as consumers need to start that change.

The book Food, Inc. is a companion guide to the movie. You don't need to see the movie to read the book. And the book is definitely not just a repetition of what was in the movie. Rather it uses the movie as a starting point and delves deeper into the issues.

It is a collection of essays written by many experts who were featured in the film. Most were written for the book, some are reprints from other sources. Topics covered include the industrialization of our food supply, the benefits of local eating, how organic food is going mainstream, the global impact of food industrialization and how we can declare independence from industrial food.

There are many fabulous features to the book. After each essay there is a section that helps you as the reader learn what you can do on your own to make a difference. There are extensive resources to help you learn more about the food industry and what you can do.

Food, Inc. is a great resource that all consumers should read. Like many other books of the same topic, it's not preachy and does not make you feel guilty for the choices you make. Rather it provides you with simple ways that you can make changes to the way you eat and that we can make a difference when it comes to the food we eat.


  1. Hello! Just popping in to say that I admire your blog and have given you an award!

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  2. I just saw the documentary version of this book a few days ago. I have never in my life seen anything so... disheartening. The thought of eating meat didn't sit well with me so I've been eating veggie burgers and fish all week.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    -Lydia @ The Literary Lollipop

  3. Bethany - thank you so much! That means a lot to me, I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog.

    Lydia - while my husband and I were cautious about our eating before, the film was the final thing that made us completely change our habits.

  4. I loved the movie - and am planning on reading the book - thanks for the review!!


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