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2010 Year in Review

Well, my illness lasted a lot longer than I had expected, I think I lost about a month there. But thankfully I'm heading into 2011 healthy and feeling good! So now it is time to look back at my year in reading! At the beginning of the year I set a few challenges for myself (I didn't know about all the challenges that exist in the book blogger world then!) I did pretty well on them, and probably would have completed most if I hadn't been sick. Let's see how I did. 1. Read 100 Books I read 99! Seriously, 99. So close! If I hadn't been sick, I would have hit 100. Oh well, something to aim for in 2011. 2. A-Z Reading Challenge This one wasn't completed. I missed E, K, Q, U, V, Z. Again if I hadn't been sick I would have made an effort to finish this one, but I probably wouldn't have completed it. 3. Read 20 Canadian Books Hurray, I finished one! I read 23 books, and had a great time. I found some great Canadian authors and I definitely have a