"Forget Me Knot" by Sue Margolis

Abby Crompton is a successful florist who built her business from the ground up. Her fiance, Toby, is a high powered corporate lawyer with aristocratic roots. Since proposing a month ago, Toby has yet to give Abby a ring, is working late and has no time for romance.

On the night she is supposed to meet her future mother-in-law, Abby becomes trapped in an elevator with a handsome stranger and a bottle of fine wine. Abby shares a few secrets that were best left to herself. After they emerge from the elevator, Abby is thankful she'll never see him again.

In the weeks following, Abby's personal life begins to unravel. She finds out Toby has been keeping a secret from her. Then, after agreeing to allow a film shoot at her shop, she discovers that the director is none other than the man from the elevator! Soon, her life begins to play out just like a romantic comedy.

Forget Me Knot is a fun, quick read and stays true to the chick lit genre. It's cute, it's predictable, but isn't that what's fun about chick lit? There are a couple of moments in the book which are of a sexual nature and quite graphic which seemed out of place and unnecessary for the book. It definitely could have been written in a much more subtle way and made the same point.

If you like chick lit, you'll enjoy this book. It will keep a smile on your face the whole way through with it's charm and wit.


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