Short Story Sunday: "Absorbed" by Penelope Crowe

Violet has a history of being in abusive relationships and her current boyfriend Mick is no exception.  But Violet believes that the good times are so good, it makes it worth putting up with Mick's behaviour.

Then one day Violet comes home to find a mysterious package on her doorstep.  It is addressed to her but there is no indication who it is from.  She opens it to find a beautiful necklace, one that looks familiar but she can't place where from.  And when she puts it on she discovers that this necklace will change both her life and Mick's forever.

Absorbed is a 16 page short story by Penelope Crowe that draws you in from the moment the package is left on the doorstep right to the end where its true nature is discovered.

It has the makings of a psychological thriller, though I feel that it was a little too short to really develop that sense.  It still made for a good read as the mystery of who sent the necklace and why is enough to keep you reading.    There isn't much character development or back story due to the length.  So if you're looking for a quick read that will give you a bit of a smirk at the end, then you will enjoy this.  I personally wish she would have made it a little longer and developed the story a bit more and then it would have been a fascinating and chilling tale.  The premise definitely has potential for a full length book.

Absorbed is available for download for free on Amazon here.


  1. Thank you. I am intrigued and love a good short short story. reminds me that I might have to post abt a short story I was introduced to when I subbed; very short but really packed a punch.


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