"Old School Ties" by Kate Harrison

Tracey Mortimer longs for the good old days of school. Back then she was the most popular girl in school. Everyone followed her and wanted to be in her good books. But now, at the age of 33, she's stuck in a dull marriage and her days have become a never-ending round of cleaning, cooking and kids television.

However, things are about to change for Tracey. A TV company has decided to make a reality show about the perfect school reunion and Tracey is its star. Soon she is caught up in preparations for reliving the good old days when she was the centre of attention. Only, not all of her classmates remember Tracey in such a fond way….

Old School Ties by Kate Harrison is both a funny and serious look at the way our lives change and how the way in which we remember ourselves doesn't always match up with how we really were. It will have you reminiscing about your school days and wondering if it really was how you remember it to be.

In the beginning of the book you most likely won't take Tracey. You can definitely see why her ex-classmates don't want to reunite with her and I found myself hoping that they would get their revenge on Tracey. But as you read on and discover more about Tracey's life you begin to understand some of her behaviours. The book shows that you should always look deeper than the surface when trying to understand a person.

While I enjoyed this book and would recommend it, it did fizzle out a bit toward the end for me. I wouldn't write the book off because of it, I think it just turned out a bit different than I was expecting.


  1. I don't read too much chick-lit, simply because I find a lot fall flat after a certain point in the book. It's a great premise though! Great review :)

  2. I've been reading a lot more chick lit than usual, trying out new authors and such, but I agree with you Melissa, a lot of it does fall flat after a certain point and I've been disappointed with quite a few lately.

  3. This sounds interesting. I had not heard of this one before.


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