"Hatteras Girl" by Alice J. Wisler

Jackie Donovan is praying for two things to come into her life - an honest, wonderful man to marry and The Bailey House, a local bed and breakfast that features in many of her happy childhood memories. Until her prayers are answered she must remain content with her job at a local magazine and going on blind dates set up by her relatives.

When Jackie meets Davis Erickson, a handsome man who holds the keys to the bed and breakfast, Jackie thinks her prayers have answered. But it seems her dreams may remain just dreams as she begins to learn about Davis' past and the secrets surrounding the Bailey House. Will Jackie's prayers ever be answered?

Hatteras Girl is cute story set in a beautiful destination spot, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Alice J. Wisler does a wonderful job of painting the scene for the reader. Even if you have never travelled to this area you will still be able to picture the scenes through Wisler's writing.

I did have a difficult time connecting with the character of Jackie. There were times when I found her attitude toward her circumstances a little off-putting. There were other times where I felt she lacked emotion when there should have been some.

What I appreciated about this book was the development of other characters in the book. There are quite a few people who factor into Jackie's life and Wisler gives them all enough of a story to make them feel real and interesting.

This book is Christian fiction but isn't heavy on religion. God and church factor into the characters lives but aren't the main focus of the book. If you're looking for spiritual growth in a novel you won't find it here, but you will still find a sweet story with Christian themes.

Overall Hatteras Girl was a light, fun read. You'll take a trip to a close-knit beach community and enjoy meeting it's fun, quirky residents.


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