"How Not to Shop" by Carmen Reid

Personal shopper Annie Valentine is back and life is fabulous! But will it stay that way for long?

Annie has just hit the jackpot with a job as a presenter on a brand new makeover show. Unfortunately, the show is not on a big name channel and its budget certainly reflects that!

Life at home isn't much better. Her son has become an eco-warrior who gets a little over-zealous cleaning out the closets, her daughter is spending all of her time in her room supposedly studying, and a sexy young blonde stranger has just moved in. On top of this, her husband Ed is starting to feel some strong baby urges. Will Annie be able to handle of all this AND fame?

How Not to Shop is the third novel in Carmen Reid's Annie Valentine series and I love her more and more with each book I read. She is a ton of fun and what girl wouldn't want to own her wardrobe?

How Not to Shop is a whirlwind of fun and a great, easy read. Annie's life is one big roller-coaster, as well as those who surround her. The story moves quick and the supporting characters provide extra fun to the book.

If you like Becky Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series, you should definitely give Annie Valentine a try.


  1. I'm not familiar with this series but it sounds really cute! I love the Shopaholic books so I'll definitely have to check these ones out!

  2. hmmm, is there any self help within this book. lol. on my list it goes.

  3. I'm surprised this series isn't more well known, I picked up the first book randomly, and didn't realize it was a series.

    Sidne, unfortunately no self-help! In fact, it will make things worse!


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