"The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks

Confession: I've never seen the movie The Notebook.  And I have never wanted to.  A lot of people are shocked when I say that.  And I get it.  I'm just not a fan of romance movies or books though.  But one of my challenges this year required reading a romance book and I figured if I'm going to go for it I may as well go on.  And so I read Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook.

This novel of love lost and found is a beautiful story that spans decades and looks at the ultimate romantic decision - stay with the dependable, respectful one you're with and take a chance with the ultra-romantic lost-love that has appeared in your life once again.  

In 1932, two teenagers from two very different worlds met one summer and fell in love.  But the end of the summer was also the end of the relationship.  Fourteen years later, a newspaper article brings Allie and Noah back together unexpectedly.  For two days, they return to the summer they spent together, the romance that changed their lives, and the reason why they grew apart.  But like that magical summer, this reunion can't last forever.  Allie needs to decide whether she will return to her life and the powerful attorney she is engaged to or whether she will go against what others want for her and rekindle her romance with Noah.

I love how this story is told from the perspective of 80 year old Noah, looking back at his life while reading to a woman from a notebook in the nursing home.  And I love where the story in the notebook stops leading readers to run through all the possible scenarios as they turn each page.  

This is definitely sappy romance.  Have some tissues ready while you read this book.  It's not so much about the story but the emotions behind it.  Having read this book may not make be proclaim that I love romance books but it has definitely made me want to see the movie now.


  1. I think the film will disappoint you a little; I felt like the characters were not "the same", Noah wasn't the Noah of the book, and Allie is totally different.
    I read the book this year too!
    I loved it, I spend the whole evening with it and at the end I couldn't help crying. The story is beautiful.


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