"Love Letters" by Katie Forde

With the bookshop where she works about to close, Laura Horsley has found herself unemployed and unsure of her future. Then, a chance encounter at a store event brings about an interesting opportunity, a job organizing a literary festival in the heart of the English countryside. Excited but nervous Laura agrees to the job.

But soon she finds herself in over her head. Somehow she has led the committee to believe that she is a personal friend of the author they most want to appear at the festival, an author who is famous for being a recluse and who never leaves Ireland.

A big fan of Dermot Flynn and not wanting to disappoint her new employers, Laura sets off to Ireland to convince Flynn to come out of hiding. But what awaits her is a temperamental and mad writer who is suffering from a severe case of writer's block. On top of that Flynn seems to take a liking to Laura, a little too much of a liking. Can Laura convince Dermot to come out of hiding? And can she keep a comfortable distance between the two of them or will she fall for his advances?

Love Letters is a cute story. Any fan of books will be delighted to read a book that is set within the writing world and revolves around a literary festival. There is a great cast of characters with all sorts of personalities to make for great relationships and interactions. However, I did find the story to be a little slow. The plot moves along without many dramatics and is a touch predictable. However, it is still a light and enjoyable read.

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  1. This sounds like a pleasant summer read and as I a fan of Katie Ffordes previous novels will definitely be adding this one to my wish list. I have a friend who works for a literary festival and it sounds so interesting.

  2. It is very interesting to have the setting of a literary festival. I attend one here and it's so much fun to go, I can imagine it would be a blast to work for.

    This would be a great summer read, especially if you are a fan of Katie Fforde's. This is the first book I've read by her and while I wasn't overly impressed, I will probably pick up more of hers in the future.

  3. They are what I call 'escapism '

  4. Oh I love Katie's books, they r wonderful! One of my favourite chick lit authors!:)



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