"Heart of the Matter" by Emily Giffin

Tessa is a stay at home mother of two young children and wife of a renowned paediatric surgeon. While she has given up her career to focus on her family and she seems to have the perfect life she is struggling in her pursuit of happiness.

Valerie Anderson is the single mother of six-year-old Charlie and an attorney. Charlie's father has never known him and Valerie has given up on love and friendship, believing it's better to do everything for herself.

Both women live in the same Boston suburb and run in the same circles, but have never met and have very little in common. But when Charlie has an accident, and Tessa's husband Nick is his doctor, Tessa and Valerie become a part of each others lives in ways no one imagined.

Heart of the Matter is a story of good people caught up in tragic circumstances and how the decisions they make can affect the lives of everyone around them. It is a story of love, disappointment, heartbreak, and whether second chances can and should be granted.

The book alternates between the points of view of Tessa and Valerie. Each chapter is fairly short to keep the story flowing and give the right amount of perspective to the story. All of the characters are real and believable. Giffin has perfectly created a community of characters who all add to the story, but do not make it seem overcrowded.

Heart of the Matter is a great read. Giffin has taken a very relatable situation and played it out perfectly. Readers will find themselves involved in story, becoming attached to the characters and hoping for a happy but believable outcome, of which they will not be disappointed.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower and added you to my google reader. =)
    I LOVE Emily Giffin. My favorite by her was the Something Borrowed and Something Blue.. I think that's what the names were, it was a long time ago I read them. Great review!

  2. I've read Giffin's other books, I hadn't realized she had another book out so I will keep my eyes open for it. It sounds really good.

    BTW, I believe Something Borrowed/Something Blue is being adapted for a movie. Not sure when it comes out.

  3. Everything I've read by Giffin so far has been great. She is an excellent writer.

    That is great news about the movie!

  4. I really have enjoyed the Giffin books that I have read. This sounds like a great one as well. Thanks for sharing!


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