Bloggiesta Update!

I am so glad that I joined in the Bloggiesta fun! I've accomplished a lot with my blog and learned so much about more about blogging than I ever knew!

On Friday, I spent a total of two hours working. This includes networking around to other blogs involved, as well as the first two mini challenges.

Through these mini challenges I managed to:
-make a thorough list of what I want to do (thank you Kim and Jackie for getting me started and giving me a lot of great ideas.)
-get my blog listed in a couple of directories
-create an email signature with my blog link
-create a separate email account for my blog
-write my review policy (thank you Jennifer, I recently realized the need for this and your post was very helpful.)

Today is Saturday and so far I have spent two hours working. Today I:
-added a new, lighter background to my blog
-learned about RSS feeds and set up a subscribe to feature through both a reader and email (thanks Puss Reboots for this, I had absolutely no knowledge of this!)

At this rate I will definitely be able to achieve all of my goals this weekend.


  1. How awesome! So glad you have been able to accomlish all this! I have really been on the edge of doing this and well, you may have just encouraged me to do so! I really like your review policy and I also have been wanting to establish a book rating system and put that up...
    sounds like I have started my list LOL

    Happy Weekend :)

  2. Once you get things rolling, you'll have a great list and get so much accomplished. I'm really glad I signed up for this, it was the motivation I needed. Good luck with your review policy and rating system!

  3. I always always always miss the blog posts about this because I usually go through my reader on the weekend. Bummer. Sounds like you are getting a lot done though. That's fantastic!

  4. Glad you found the mini challenge useful. :)

  5. Puss Reboots - more than useful! I didn't realize I was such a beginner when it came to blogging.

  6. Good job on Bloggeista, this is from the self-nominated (un)official Bloggiesta cheerleader! :) Good luck today!


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