Monday Funday

It’s time for Monday Funday, a weekly collection of the things which have been distracting, delighting, or diverting me both online and offline.  Why not join in and link up over at CM Claire.

What on earth was I doing last week that has kept me so busy?  I must have been procrastinating because I can't think of why I neglected the blog all week.

Television-wise, it was all about the season premieres of Black-ish, Modern Family, and Empire.  Oooh-wee Empire, I haven't been this hooked on a drama in a long time. 

Here's an article that took up a lot of my time - Vulture ranked every single Key and Peele sketch, all 298 of them.  My favourite, that my husband and I are often quoting is this one:

Another ranked list, this time Rolling Stone naming the 50 greatest boy band songs of all time. I have some issues with the list, but it's still fun.

Daily Feed has a quiz to find out if you can name the 90's movies from a single screenshot.  I managed to get 92 of 99 correct.  It's the ones where it's from a franchise that gave me trouble, it was hard to tell which instalment it was.

I loved this article from Buzzfeed about ridiculous rumours that went around every school.  I think it's hilarious that I remember most of these even though this is a UK article.  Every generation of kids on either side of the ocean has the same rumours.

And here are two things that have a much more local flavour:

This Buzzfeed article on the 21 things every Torontonian has experienced (it will always be the Skydome people.)

Ever wondered what it would be like if Drake went to the University of Toronto? This instagram account hilariously shows you what it would be like.


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