Monday Funday

It’s time for Monday Funday, a weekly collection of the things which have been distracting, delighting, or diverting me both online and offline.  Why not join in and link up over at CM Claire.

This week I was watching Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.  I really didn't think that this would be a show that would interest me back when it was first released but one day when I wasn't feeling well I started watching and next thing I knew I was through the entire first season.  

I also started watching the new season of X Factor UK. I know a lot of people think the show is getting tired, but considering I just started watching last season, I'm still enjoying it!  One of my favourite auditions so far:

It's Back to School week here, school starts tomorrow so this past week I've been doing all things back to school and found some great back to school articles.

There is this article on the best apps for college students. I so could have used EasyBib back when I was studying History in uni.

I have picky eaters who would eat the same thing for lunch every day if they could so this article on 30 days of lunch recipes is great for me.

And because life isn't complete without online quizzes, there is this quiz to find out which fictional high school you should attend.  I got The Harbord School from the OC - I never watched that show so I have no clue if that is good or bad.

And not completely school related but absolutely essential for when you have work to complete, here is the list of every song Kelly Clarkson has ever covered live (all 96 of them).  Perfect for watching every single one of them when you don't want to do your work (I was VERY good at procrastinating in uni and that was long before social media and YouTube.  Kids have it easy these days.)


  1. Ha, that Kelly link is awesome! And apparently I should go to the school from Glee....


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