Two Holiday Novellas from Lucy Diamond

Evie is looking forward to a romantic and stress-free Christmas with her boyfriend Ed at their little beach café in Cornwall.  Everything is shaping up for it to be the perfect day for the new couple.  

That is until Ed’s wayward brother shows up unannounced and ready to stay a while.  Then Evie’s best friend finds herself needing to escape the spotlight so she arrives as well.  And since Evie won’t be home for Christmas, her parents decide to surprise her by showing up.  All of a sudden, Evie and Ed are putting up four extra people in their two bedroom flat above the café.

Tempers flare and disasters occur and very quickly Evie finds herself trying to do whatever she can to salvage her perfect Christmas in Christmas at the Beach Café.

After the hectic Christmas Evie and Ed had last year, they are looking forward to giving a romantic Christmas another go.  All they want are lazy days spent in the flat, just the two of them.

But Evie’s sister Ruth has had the heartbreak of a lifetime over the last year and can’t bear to spend Christmas alone.  So she’s bringing her three children to stay at the beach café.  And with the death of his father in the past year, Ed decides that it would be best for him to spend Christmas in London with his mum.  

This definitely isn’t the holiday Evie was expecting and it looks like once again, Christmas isn’t going to turn out the way she wants it to.  Until, Evie gets the surprise of a lifetime in Christmas Gifts at the Beach Café.

Both of these novellas from Lucy Diamond are festive follow-ups to the wonderful novel, The Beach Café.  After inheriting the café from her aunt, Evie finds herself starting life over in Cornwall and falling in love with Ed.  It’s wonderful to be able to check back in with the characters in these holiday offerings.

My only gripe?  These could have been full-length novels!!!  I definitely wanted more, more, more.  Hopefully their will be more offerings of Evie and Ed from Ms. Diamond in the future. The Beach Café is such a lovely novel, and if you have not read it, I recommend it and these two novellas to follow it up with.  You'll want to read them all in a row. 


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