"The Charm Bracelet" by Melissa Hill

Every charm bracelet tells a story and this is especially true for Holly O’Neill.  Years ago she was mysteriously sent one with just one charm attached and over the years she has received more charms, coming at her most challenging times.  It’s almost as though the person who is sending them knows exactly what she needs.

When Holly finds a lost charm bracelet, knowing how much hers means to her, she knows that she must reunite it with its owner.  But the only way she can find the owner is by using each charm as a clue.  Soon, her search has her heading all over New York City at Christmas time.  And as Holly gets closer and closer to the owner, it also leads her toward something she will never expect. 

The Charm Bracelet, by Melissa Hill, is a lovely festive read about the magic of Christmas.  You can just picture the lights and the snow falling all around Holly as she puts her faith in the romance of the season.

I’ve probably mentioned it before but if you’re a fan of romantic reads, there is nothing better than one set at Christmas time.  At the time of year that becomes very busy and for many can become very stressful, a read like this can whisk you away for just a bit and remind you of the beauty of the season.

This is a lovely chick-lit read.  It has all of the necessary elements, it’s an easy and enjoyable read.  I really enjoyed the character of Holly as well as her lovely son Danny, and liked how you also get the parallel story of Greg.  It is fun to piece along the story with Holly as she follows the charms throughout the city.

The Charm Bracelet has all the elements of a wonderful chick-lit Christmas novel - mystery, romance, the beauty of the big city, family, warmth, and charm.  Perfect for cold days, I read this one while on Christmas vacation last year, with a ton of snow falling outside my window and it added to the beauty inside the book.


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