"Miracle on Regent Street" by Ali Harris

Evie Taylor works in the stockroom of a family-run, London department store.  You would think that this would lead to a glamorous life but for Evie, it is quite the opposite.  Even though she has been in London for the last two years, her neighbours think she’s new and her manager at work doesn’t know her name.  But she loves her job working in the beautiful old building, in a place of days gone by.

One day Evie overhears a conversation and learns that if the store can’t turn things around by December 26th, then it will be sold to a big chain.  That gives the store only three weeks, it would definitely need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.  And so Evie comes up with a secret plan to transform the store and bring back the glory it once had.

Miracle on Regent Street, by Ali Harris, is a fun novel that captures the spirit and magic of Christmas.  Following a young girl in a big city who gets swept up in the miracle of the season, the book is perfect for anyone looking for a sweet, festive read.

You can’t have the Christmas season without shopping so where better to set a holiday novel than in a department store.  And what is so lovely about this story is it’s not just set in a department store but one full of vintage clothing and glamour.  We all have fond memories of department stores from when we were younger and it can easily seem like that world no longer exists.  This novel transports you back to a memorable time.

When it comes to the characters in this book, I have to say that I really wasn’t that impressed by Evie at the beginning.  If someone doesn’t know your name, you tell them what it is!  That is one mistake you never let pass and it frustrated me that she let people treat her like that.  Okay, it’s a book and you need your characters to be a certain way, but it left me feeling frustrated rather than with sympathy for her, which I thinks is more the way you’re supposed to be going.  It’s okay though, there was a very eclectic mix of supporting characters and I loved the Christmas “elves” who help Evie with her plan.  I love the way the community was built up.

A tad long and tad descriptive, but other than that this is a great festive book that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit.  And it may even take some of the stress out of your holiday shopping.


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