Best of 2014: Screen Edition

Even though I spend a lot of my time reading, I also spend a good amount of time watching movies and TV. So in the spirit of year-end lists, I thought I’d share my favourite non-bookish entertainment of 2014.


Happy Valley (BBC and Netflix) - I just finished watching this one after discovering that it was #1 on many “Best of” lists from Britain this year.  It is a fascinating crime show, set over 6 hour-long episodes, that involves a kidnapping plot and the effects the drug-trade can have in small towns.

The Wrong Mans (BBC and Hulu) - A comedy/drama about two bumbling guys who unwittingly find themselves caught up in an international conspiracy.  It may sound like it’s already been done, but trust me, this is it done right.  Best when binge-watched.

Black-ish (ABC) - One of three shows I actually sit down to watch each week when it airs, this one surpassed my expectations.  What I like about it is, while race is a central premise, it doesn’t focus solely on that.  And the episode where Dre’s mother comes to visit - my life exactly.

Panel Shows - Last year I really got into British panel shows when I discovered 8 out of 10 Cats and binge-watched every season.  Now, most of what I watch are panel shows.  This year I loved A League of Their Own, Would I Lie to You, Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You. 

I would also like to give a shout-out to The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, a yearly British comedy quiz that is on every Boxing Day.  They are hilarious and if you haven’t seen them, watch them on Youtube.  But this year was my least favourite, thanks to a certain Spice Girl.


Top Five - Easily my favourite movie of the year. This movie is all kinds of Chris Rock genius.  I haven’t laughed so hard at the movie theatres in years, possibly ever.  There were tears streaming down my cheeks a few times, and DMX gives the best performance of the year ;)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - I put this down because I’m not one of those people who must see superhero movies, but I am one of those people who goes to them because her husband loves them.  But I thoroughly enjoy the Captain America movies.

Virunga - A Netflix Original documentary about the people who protect the Virunga National Park, the refuge of the last remaining mountain gorillas on earth.  These rangers are trying to protect the park and the gorillas from poachers, armed rebels, and foreign companies looking to exploit the parks natural resources.  At the same time, it shows what life is like in war-torn Congo.  


  1. Ok, so there's a show called 8 Out of 10 Cats and I don't know about it? I don't even know what it's about and it sounds like it is up my alley. Must go google.


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