"When I Fall In Love" by Miranda Dickinson

Elsie Maynard is starting a new chapter in her life, something she never thought she’d have to do.  The ice cream shop assistant manager is ready to date again after the love of her life, her husband Lucas, was taken from her by cancer.  With her three sisters, her father, and her co-worker by her side, she thinks she is ready to try and love again.

With handsome graphic designer Olly Hogarth wanting to win her heart, it doesn’t seem like it will be so difficult.  But after accidentally starting a choir with 80’s rock star Woody Jensen, she finds herself taking on a challenge she never wanted to face - heading to Paris, the one thing she and Lucas had wanted to do together, but never got the chance.  Throw in the frustrating and annoying Torin Stewart who seems to pop up everywhere to get on her nerves, and Elsie is wondering if taking this step was worth it.  Will Elsie be able to move forward or will it be easier to stay in the past?

When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson is a sweet, heart-warming story that asks “what do you do when your happy ever after is taken away from you?”  It is a wonderful book with moments of laughs and tears, happiness and heartache.  

This is the first book of Dickinson’s that I have read and I absolutely loved it.  The character of Elsie is instantly loveable as is her entire family.  The ice cream shop setting makes it one of those books you just want to physically escape into and the storyline of the choir makes for a unique plot.  The sadness of Elsie’s story is so beautifully written that you are taken by it emotionally but you feel like you are taking every new step along with Elsie and discovering a new way of life with her.  

This is one of those books that will you have wishing these people and places really existed.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in it all and just keep turning the pages.  Right up to the end you’ll be wondering just what Elsie will decide to do.  I love how all of the characters worked into the story, felt like they had a place, and contributed to the development of the storyline.

Don’t let the cover fool you, this isn’t a Christmas story.  The cover does however convey the magic and wonder of this book.  As I mentioned this is the first book of Dickinson’s I have read and I now plan to pick up her other books whenever I see them.  


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