"The Rovers Return" by Tim Randall

I am a huge fan of the British soap opera Coronation Street.  I never miss an episode, in fact I’m watching it as I write this.   For over fifty years this show has been on television, making it the longest-running soap in the world.  A few times a week, people all over the world tune into catch up with the happenings of this little street in Manchester.  

Over the years, many wonderful books have been written about this show and a new one takes a look at the very heart of the Street, the local pub.  In The Rovers Return, Tim Randall takes you inside everyone’s favourite public house and shares every memorable moment, from the first day to the present.  From the landladies and barmaids to the relationships and brawls, from the births and deaths to weddings and wakes, this book has it all covered.

The best feature of this book is all of the incredible photos.  No matter how long you have been watching this show, it will transport you back to your best memories of the show.  And if, like me, you haven’t been watching since the beginning, it will give you everything you need to know about what you’ve missed.  There is a reason why this show is so well-loved by all generations and it’s the characters, as evidenced by this book.  

There is nothing that has happened on the Street that hasn’t spilled over into the Rovers and with this book you can reminisce over every moment of the last five decades on the Street.  I’ve only been watching for 12 years and it was amazing how much I have forgotten over the years that I was reminded of while reading this book.  Of course, my favourite part is all the bust-ups over the years.  It wouldn’t be the Rovers Return if there weren’t some punches being thrown from time to time!  

This book is a must-read for any Coronation Street fan.  Life-long watchers will enjoy going over the best moments and new to the Street fans will find it to be a treasure of moments and memories to get you all caught up.  Written with the support of ITV and the Coronation Street cast and crew, this is the book all Corrie fans need to read.


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