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Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward For Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time by Rob Temple

From Book Addicted Blonde: In a nutshell:  This is basically the book version of the hilarious Twitter account of the same name.  I've been following it for a while, spent one glorious afternoon this autumn crying with laughter reading great chunks of the feed, and then sent it to my mum who did the same.  So when I saw the book, I couldn't not buy it!

I just finished reading Stats Canada and this book sounds very similar - compiled from a Twitter feed poking fun at its own people.  Considering Canadians have a lot of the same quirks as Brits, this book sounds like a lot of fun.

 You Are One of Them by Elliott Holt

From S. Krishna's BooksThis book is certainly a short, quick read, but it’s one that will make you think. You Are One of Them has excellent settings, in terms of both time and place, and it’s fascinating to watch Holt fill out her surroundings. The book is a gorgeous coming of age story, full of childhood innocence, while simultaneously being a gritty novel about the hard and fast realities of life. It’s incredibly difficult for a book to convincingly do both of these things at once, yet Holt excels at it.

From when I first saw this book last year, I thought it looked interesting but just wasn't sure that I needed to read it.  After reading this review, I'm definitely putting it on my to read list.

From Books Speak VolumesFor Today I Am a Boy is a fantastic portrait of a transgender boy growing up in a small Canadian town. Although his father is keen to assimilate into Western culture, his mother has trouble letting go of her “superstitious” beliefs and customs. Peter’s sisters, Adele, Helen, and Bonnie are vibrant characters in their own rights, and I loved reading about their relationships with each other and with Peter.

This is a book that is on my must read list for 2014.  I'm just waiting for its release date on January 14.  It sounds like a wonderfully written book and this review explains the book excellently.  


  1. Thank you Shan! VBP was a funny little book, and I still have a giggle at the Twitter feed too. For Today I Am a Boy sounds fascinating - that one's gone straight onto my library list for later in the year... :)

  2. I follow Very British Problems on twitter and it is hilarious so contemplating this book as a pressie for my brother.


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