Little Readers

In Little Readers, I like to share the books that my kids enjoyed reading over the past week.  

The Great Tulip Trade by Beth Wagner Brust
My daughter picked this one up from the school library because it takes place in the Netherlands, which is where my family is from.  It takes place in the 1600's during the Tulip Mania and is about a young girl who trades her birthday bouquet of tulips for things for her family.

 A Crowded Ride in the Countryside and New at the Zoo by Frank B. Edwards and John Bianchi
These are books that are being used in my son's speech therapy.  They're cute, they rhyme and are great for working on repetition of words.  And they're Canadian!

Imagine un arbre by Barbara Reid
This book pictures trees in every season, all kinds of weather and from the beginning to end.  The illustrations are done in Reid's signature Plasticine style and are beautiful.  It is available in English as Picture a Tree.

La vie rêvée de Lola! by Lindsey Gardiner
This book is about a cute little dog named Lola who thinks she is anything but a dog, and shows all the things she thinks she can do - like be a lion or a wolf!  It's published in English as The Loopy Life of Lola.

Those are our favourite new books of the week.  What are you kids reading?


  1. The Great Tulip Trade sounds like a fun subject for an early reader book. I've never heard of any of these. Thanks so much for linking up to The Children's Bookshelf.

  2. Those all look way cute! Thanks for sharing them! :D


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