Count of Monte Cristo Read-Along

I'll admit it.  I get scared away by long books.  And that severely clashes with my desire to read more of the Classics.   So I was highly intrigued when I saw that The Estella Society is hosting a read along of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

It's an informal read along, taking place from November 1 to December 18, lots of time to get through the over 1000 pages (seriously?)  If you want to check it out, head over to The Estella Society and follow along on twitter at #countRAL.



    Good Luck!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Claire! That's really cute.

  2. One of my absolute favourite books, though it's been years since I read it. It turned me into a major Dumas fan. I love finding his lesser known books (which are much shorter too!). I've seen a few adaptations too, but nothing compares to the book! I hope you enjoy this.

  3. I have had this on my shelf for years but have been afraid to start it, even knowing that it's supposed to be accessible and swashbuckling. Maybe I'll join you reading it now.


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