Light Sunday Reading

Reading. It never goes out of style and it's always in the news. Here are a few news pieces that caught my eye this week.

*One of my favourite books I have read with my kids is Please Baby Please by Spike Lee. We also love the follow-up Please Puppy Please. I was pretty surprised to learn that Spike Lee has written children's books but he's not the only celebrity jumping on the trend. Would you believe that Tyra Banks, Terrell Owens, John Travolta and Julianne Moore have all written children's books? What do you think? Can Celebrities Write Good Children's Books?

*If you're a book blogger you no doubt have overflowing bookshelves in your home. But according to Ikea, you're in the minority. People are no longer keeping books on the shelves, they're using them more as display cases. And for that, Ikea is changing the depth of their bookshelves to better suit their new uses. Personally, I think it's a great idea, it means I can probably fit more books on my shelves. What do you use your bookshelves for?

*Not enough editing staff and the pressure to get books to market can make for poorly edited books. In most books a typo is just a typo, not a big deal, but for this author, it changed the entire tone of the book!


  1. Good Morning! Is this the new Sunday meme? I like it!

    I actually use my bookshelves for books. And I'm in search of snazzy new ones for my upcoming move the other side of town. I can't wait to display my 100% mahogany book ends I picked up in Nairobi!

    I don't like the idea of deeper bookshelves - but then I guess these aren't bookshelves anymore, they're display shelves.

    I saw the press on the typo too. It gave me a little laugh :-)

  2. One of my favourite 'oh boy...' typos was in an edition of the Bible way back (if this is an urban legend, please forgive me, a lecturer mentioned it years back). Someone skipped a couple of words and the phrase in the woman taken in adultery changed to "Go, and sin again". Oops!



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