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A few weeks ago when I was at the Word on the Street festival here in Toronto I had the opportunity to volunteer with a wonderful organization that collects books for libraries in Africa. I spent most of my day sharing with festival attendees about the organization and how they could help out. And the response I got the most was "where have you been? I have so many books that I don't know what to do with!"

This got me thinking about how many wonderful organizations there are out there that are helping to boost literacy in our own communities and around the world, but also how difficult it can be to get yourself seen in what is a very busy world.

So I have decided to do a feature here on these organizations called "Spread the Word." Once a month (maybe more) I'll post about an organization and the work they are doing. And I would love for other book bloggers to join in and do the same!

If you are interested, it's very simple. There's no commitment and no one way of doing it. Just post about an organization and the work they do whenever you feel like it. Link back here, and let me know when you've put up a post and I will link it on my blog. That's it! The most important thing is that we as book lovers share ways to help others become book lovers!

Will you join me and help Spread the Word?


  1. I work for the federal gov't here in the US and I know they have a list of different charities for their charity campaign and I have even donated to one that was book-related. Send me an e-mail and I will try to remember to look them up for you....

  2. There is a wonderful group in Vancouver - located on our notorious downtown eastside - called the Intrepid Pens. They are a group of women who join together to write and read under the generous leadership of Amanda Grondahl. Donations of writing tools and books are appreciated. I posted about the group last week and have included a link to Vancouver Sun article and the Intrepid Pens' home page too.


    Like your venture, wonderfully inspiring and a meaningful destination for our books!


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