"If You Have to Cry Go Outside" by Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone is the no-nonsense, straight-talking head of People's Revolution, one of the most powerful fashion public relations firms in the world. She built the firm from the ground up years after moving to New York City from Syracuse as a young woman with a dream of something bigger.

Along the way she was partying in the hottest nightclubs while homeless and living on her friends couches. When she did get things together she started her own PR firm only to step away from it and fall into a meth addiction. From there she had her own spiritual awakening, did a stint as a tarot card reader in California and ultimately found her way back to public relations.

She now runs her own wildly successful firm, mentors countless young women in the industry and is a single mom. Given the crazy journey she has been on, she is definitely one who can give advice to other young women dreaming of something bigger.

If You Have to Cry Go Outside And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You is less about Cutrone's life story and more about showing young women how to make it in today's world. She does use stories from her own life to illustrate her point - that it's not about having the perfect wardrobe, job or man, it's about living a life that is authentic and knowing who we are and our unique place in the world.

Cutrone does give good advice. She is someone who has been there, seen the worst and figured out how to make the best of it all. The book is written in her no-nonsense style. Some people may think of her as being hard or insensitive, but she is actually a caring person in a brutal industry.


  1. I loved this book...I've been a Cutrone fan for awhile, but this book just sealed the deal even more.


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