"Samson" by Jacquelin Thomas

Samson Taylor is the new assistant pastor of a thriving church. But while he is following his calling he still struggles with a terrible sin - his uncontrollable lust for beautiful women.

Even though he recognizes the conflict between his personal life and his job, Samson cannot fight off his sin. It isn't long before his lust causes him to lose his marriage, best friend, child and job. But even that isn't enough to make him change his ways.

When Samson meets Delinda, the wife of a famous NBA star, he falls head over heels in love and quickly begins an affair. Even though Delinda warns him of her husband's temper and the dangers of their affair, he refuses to stop. When he finds himself involved in a violent confrontation with the man, Samson loses one of the things most precious to him.

Now Samson must rebuild his life. But will he be able to turn back to God and get his life back to what it was supposed to be or will he let bitterness and regret take over his life?

Samson is a modern day retelling of Samson and Delilah. Jacquelin Thomas is a master of taking Biblical stories and putting modern twists on them to show that the lessons given then still apply to our lives today.

This was a good story but I found that there was a lot to it and in an attempt to include it all the story moved rather fast without developing some parts to their full potential. However, Thomas does do a good job of balancing the story with the right amount of Biblical teaching.


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