Month in Review - Non-Bookish Things

One of the things I wanted to start doing on my blog this year is talk more about other forms of entertainment, mostly what I’m watching on TV and at the movies, as well as what I’m listening to whether music or podcasts.  I figure the best way to do this is a recap at the end of each month, so here it goes.


I don’t watch much “traditional” television. I watch a lot of British shows which I have to watch either online or through Netflix.  I also binge-watch most of my television.  Here are the show I’ve been watching this month:

Coronation Street: Ok so I always watch this one, it is my show. I’ve been watching for over a decade now and am heavily invested in the Street for the rest of my life. So can we talk about how superb the minivan crash scenes were?  The acting was fantastic and so was the filming.  But most importantly, the show won’t be the same without Deirdre Barlow, played by Anne Kirkbride who passed away this month.

Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad: I love Jack Whitehall and I think anything he does with his Dad is absolutely hilarious so this is a great chat show.  It started back for season 2 this month and you can watch it on YouTube.

The Book of Negroes: The mini-series adaptation of Lawrence Hill’s stunning novel that follows the life of a young girl stolen into slavery premiered on the CBC here in Canada this month.  The book is one of my favourites and I think that they have done an absolutely amazing job translating it to screen.  The show will premiere on BET in February for those of you in the US, please check it out.


Every Oscar season I try to see as many of the nominated movies I possibly can, so far this year I’m about halfway through but haven’t seen many recently so I expect that I’ll be spending a lot of time next month watching movies.

Selma: I can’t express how disappointed I am that this movie is not getting the recognition it deserves.  This movie was flawless, emotional, and so very important.  Of all the Oscar nominated movies I’ve seen so far, it is the best to me.  David Oyelowo TRANSFORMED himself. I didn’t think I was watching David, I thought I was watching Martin.  It felt documentary quality the way he played him.  I think it’s ridiculous he’s been overlooked for Best Actor.  I highly recommend everyone watch it.


When it comes to music I mostly listen to popular radio in the car because that is what my kids like to listen to.  I rarely buy a full album so when I do, I listen to that one album for months on the end and for the last 6 months that has been Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour.  When I’m on my own, going for walks I prefer to listen to podcasts.  I recently discovered Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown and each week I also listen to The Josh Widdecombe Show.

What non-bookish things were you into this month?


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