A Look Ahead at 2015

Welcome to 2015! A new year, a new me? Not quite, I’m very happy with the me I am now, so maybe just a bit more - more yoga, more sleep, more laughs, more joy.

I’ll be welcoming in 2015 at home today, binge-watching television as I’ve been doing all holidays.  So far I’ve watched Happy Valley, Trollied, The Wrong Mans, The Honourable Woman, and Project Runway All-Stars. Not sure yet what to watch today but I’ve got a huge Netflix queue so I’ve got a lot to choose from.  

Now for a look ahead at another year of blogging.  And oh yeah, 2015 marks 5 years of blogging for me, so WOOHOO!

Ok, after 5 years I’ve realized that challenges are just not for me.  I start out with great intentions but soon realize that what I want to read isn’t quite matching up with what I need to read for my challenges.  So this year I’m cutting down to 2 challenges and it’s not so much about trying to get me to read outside my comfort zone, it’s about staying inside it and sharing the books I love with others.

Canadian Book Challenge hosted by The Book Mine Set

I do this challenge every year.  I started out because I wanted to increase the CanLit I read and now I surpass the required 13 books every year.  This challenge runs from July to July, so I’ve completed the current challenge and hope to read 20 books and next year’s challenge, I hope to read 30 books.

Diversity on the Shelf Challenge hosted by My Little Pocketbooks

This is the second year Alysia is hosting the challenge and my second year participating.  Last year I didn’t think it would be difficult to hit 25 books because in past years, over one third of my reading has always been diverse. But this year, I fell short by one book.  Which is crazy to me given that last year was the year of We Need Diverse Books.  


Last year I worked on expanding my use of social media and I want to continue with that.  I also want to branch out just a teeny tiny bit and post about television, movies, and magazines.  Most likely just once a month though. 


Here are a few of the books I’m looking forward to reading in 2015

There are also quite a few books I'm looking forward to but that I've yet to find a cover for.  This includes Peggy Blair's Hungry Ghosts, Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?, and an untitled essay collection from Kunal Nayyar.


Every year we road trip to the United States and this year one of the places we are heading to is Washington D.C. and I’m excited because I have never been there.  I’m fairly confident Joe Biden will be willing to meet me for a beer while I’m there ;)

What are you looking forward to in 2015?


  1. 5 years, that is great! :D

    I'm awful at challenges...no thanks! Every time I sign up for one I fail. I've set a Goodreads goal and that's enough for me. I do hope to do better at blogging and commenting this year. I was AWFUL about it in '14.

    The Girl on the Train, oooh. I just got that in the mail and I'm intrigued!

    I hope you have a fantastic 2015 :D

  2. So glad you are joining the DOTS reading challenge again Shan! Fun will be had by all. :)

  3. I've read two out of the four books you've listed and they're both AMAZING - you've got some great picks. Happy 2015!


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