"And the Bride Wore Prada" by Katie Oliver

Who Should Read This: Anyone looking for a book with a modern day Jane Austen feel, Chick Lit fans.

It’s been a rocky road for rock star and aristocratic heir Dominic Heath and his girlfriend Gemma but their time has finally arrived - it is their wedding.  Wanting to have their day to themselves, they escape to the Scottish Highlands where they will (hopefully) be out of the eyes of the paparazzi.

But the weather may put a wrench in their plans.  When a major storm prevents them from getting to their home, they end up at Draemer Castle, with Dom's ex-girlfriend Natalie and her new husband Rhys.  At first, they think they are just staying for a few days with the owners of the castle, Natalie’s friend Tarquin and his wife Wren.  When more snow brings more family members, including Tarquin’s troubled young sister Caitlin, it quickly becomes a case of “the more, the merrier.”  But the arrival of a stranger named Helen may really ruin Dom and Gemma’s plans for a secret wedding.

And The Bride Wore Prada, by Katie Oliver, is the first book in the Marrying Mr. Darcy series, the follow-up to her successful and absolutely lovely Dating Mr. Darcy series.  All of our favourite characters are back, and with the introduction of new ones, this is a fun and incredibly delightful book.

I was first introduced to the Dating Mr. Darcy series after winning one of the books in a contest.  I immediately went out and bought the other two books and read all three of them, one after the other in the span of only a few days.  So I was thrilled to find out the books would be continuing (here are my reviews of Prada and Prejudice, Love and Liability, and Mansfield Lark.)

This book is just as good the other three.  These are great characters that you will want to invest your time in and the same goes for each new character that gets introduced in.  Helen and Colm are a great addition and I hope that we will get to see more of them in future books.  

One thing that I really enjoy about Oliver’s writing is that she keeps quite a few storylines going in one book and she manages to keep it all from being muddled or just too much for one book.  In this book alone you have storylines for Dominic and Gemma, Natalie and Rhys, Helen and Colm, Tarquin and Wren, Caitlin, and Tarquin’s parents.  It really does seem like a lot but Oliver gives you enough to invest yourself in all of the characters and their stories.  

This leads to my one and only criticism of the book and that is that it seems like the stories develop pretty quick compared to the time period in which they take place.  The book takes place over a relatively short period of time but the stories would take much more time than to develop.  But does it ruin the book? Not at all.  It’s something I noticed but didn’t care too much about because I enjoyed the storylines so much.

Once again, Katie Oliver has written a fun and lovely novel for modern day Jane Austen fans.  I’m very much looking forward to the next book in the series, Love, Lies, and Louboutins coming out in February!


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