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First off, I don't label myself when it comes to the food I eat.  I like food and I like for it to nourish my body.  I also like a big bag of chips and a ice cold glass of cola (I'm not picky as to which kind.)  So I don't label myself because I don't need someone calling me a hypocrite when they see me walking into a fast food burger chain (to umm...use their washroom...yeah.)  However, the majority of my diet is plant-based.  So I thought I would share some of my favourite books on eating a plant-based diet, ones that are great for people who are just dipping their toe in the world of veganism, as opposed to people who have been swimming in the pool for years (but these books are still good for them.)

To me, The Plant-Powered Diet by Sharon Palmer, RD, is one of the best places to start.  This book covers everything.  Chapter by chapter it walks you through the world of whole plant foods.  My favourite part of the book is the numerous, easy to read charts that lay out for you the best choices in every category (proteins, non-dairy milks, etc.)  She also includes a template for a food journal that helps to ensure you're getting all of your recommended servings.  Another great feature of this book is it's not just aimed vegans, it is aimed at everyone including people who eat meat but want to add more whole, plant foods to their diet.  Tons of recipes to get you started.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is just that, a 30 day challenge.  In one month, this book will take you from omnivore to herbivore.  Not only does it give you invaluable information about veganism, but it helps you make the change gradually rather than all at once.  Each day comes with a few little challenges/changes you can do in your life to make your journey to a plant-based diet easier.  I also like how she addresses how to deal with the people around you when you do it, because I know I encounter a lot of misunderstanding when I refuse meat from others.  Comes with a lot of great recipes and photos, my family ate the Apple Cobbler up.

I think of The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone as a book for people who are ready to jump right in (or already have.)  She has great explanations of our food system and why a plant-based diet is a good choice.  She looks at it as a lifestyle and not just a way to eat.  She identifies three ways of going about it: Flirting (just giving it a bit of a try), Vegan (people who want to commit to being plant-based), and Superhero (which emphasizes while grains, organic vegetables, and sea vegetables.)  Included are tons of features on people of all walks of life who are living Superhero lifestyles.  The recipes are a little bit more advanced (lots of ingredients you won't find at your discount grocery chain) but look yummy.  No denying yourself anything here (and her Stuffed Pasta Shells recipe on her Kind Life website are one of my favourite tofu dishes.)

So, if you're thinking of committing to a plant-based diet or just looking for more ideas for meatless meals, I highly recommend picking up these three books.


  1. Great roundup of useful resources! I'm not vegan but we do limit our consumption of meat. I had no idea Alicia Silverstone had written a foodie book.

  2. I received a vegan cookbook with snacks and cocktail recipes in last week's mail. Looking forward to trying it. Great idea to slowly move away from too much meat to veggies and fruit and grains, beans. Your books look encouraging!

  3. Thanks for sharing this round-up of books, it's very helpful.

  4. I try so hard to not eat too much meat. I purposely try to have one night a week with no meat and am always looking for something for that night. Looking into these books, especially the Sliverstone book!


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