Bout of Books 7.0

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is a week long readathon that starts tomorrow and I'm signing up to participate!  It's pretty simple, you have a whole week to challenge yourself to read more than you usually do and to connect with other book bloggers who are doing the same.

Generally I read about 3 books a week.  Some weeks more, many weeks less but a good week for me is three.  So for this I will be aiming to read 4 books this coming week.  Most importantly what I will be challenging myself to do is set aside one hour each day to commit to reading, one hour in addition to what I usually read in a day.  I'm thinking the hour of 10-11am will be a good one for me.  I will be checking back here each day to post my progress and see how things are going.

Are you ready to read?


Total Pages Read: 1192
Total Books Read: 2 - It Happened at the Fair; Americanah

Pages Read: 170
Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 299
Books Finished: 1 (It Happened at the Fair by Deeanne Gist)

Pages Read: 30
Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 65
Books Finished: 0

Pages Read:160
Books Finished: 0

Pages Read: 352
Books Finished: 1 (Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

Pages Read: 46
Books Finished: 0

Well, I didn't read the 4 books that I wanted to but looking back it was a lofty goal.  The first two books I read were over 400 pages each!  So I definitely read more pages this week than I usually do, but not more books.  One thing I gained from this read-a-thon was the enjoyment of having one hour each day set aside for reading and nothing else.  I think I'm going to keep going with that!

How was your read-a-thon?


  1. Good luck!!! I think that 4 book is a doable goal. I have seen some people say they are going to read 12 books TWELVE! Yikes!

    My goals for Bout of Books

    1. Wow, 12 is a lot. I would love that but I don't think my schedule would permit! I'm hoping maybe I can create some habits this week and continue to read 4 a week.

  2. I also decided to read one more book than normal. It seems a good goal. If I don't set a goal I'll read either ALL the time, or no more than normal.

    Good luck!


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