"Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible" by Tim Gunn

From the fig leaf to the toga, from corsets to the miniskirt, fashion has undergone some major transformations since the beginning of time.  Today's skinny jeans, graphic tees and stiletto heels are the results of clothing evolution.  For many people, clothes are more than just something we wear to cover up with - they are political and cultural statements, influenced by weather and emotions, and can say a lot about who you are.

Tim Gunn is one of fashions big names and foremost experts and he is bringing all of his knowledge to his newest book Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet.  In this book, Tim reveals the history behind every article of clothing that is out there, from beginning to now.  He takes a look at Helen of Troy's sandals, Queen Victoria's corset, Madonna's cone bra, Hillary Clinton's pantsuits…if it was worn, he mentions it.  And it's not all about the good, it also includes the worst of fashion (jeggings anyone?)

This is a must-read book for the fashion lover but it's also for the people who don't consider themselves fashionistas.  It's an interesting look at history through the eyes of our clothes.  It's fascinating to take a look at things like the first bikini and the origins of shape wear and learn new things such as baby clothes were originally designated pink for boys and blue for girls!  Throughout the book, Tim also includes his tried and true fashion advice on how to buy proper fitting clothes and how to get your closet in order so you can look your very best.  

I'm a big fan of Tim Gunn's.  I love him on Project Runway where he is so endearing and wonderful to the contestants.  I think he is such an upstanding man who reminds people that chivalry isn't dead and manners go a long way.  I also enjoy a bit of the fashion world and am more into enduring, personal style than I am into trends and Tim definitely projects the same thing.  And there is no one more qualified to write the fashion Bible than Tim - he was a faculty member of Parsons The New School for Design for 15 years as well as its chair of fashion design for 7 years, Liz Claiborne's chief creative officer, host of his own television show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and for the past 10 seasons has been mentor on Project Runway.

If you're a fashion lover or just wondering the history behind an item in your closet, this is a fantastic read that you will be pulling off the shelf for years to come.


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