"Slightly Suburban" by Wendy Markham

Tracey Spadolini Candell has had it with New York City. From the long hours at work, the subway rides home, the tiny but expensive apartment, her husbands best friend spending way too much time on their couch, the roach infestation in her building, and the unknown assailant leaving behind fresh piles of…umm…excrement in the hallways, she is officially done with the city and ready to head for the greener pastures of the suburbs.

But life in Westchester isn't as perfect as she thought it would be. First Tracey loses her job and then they find out that their dream fixer-upper is more like unfixable. Having nothing in common with the stay at home yoga moms, she finds herself missing her friends and her job. Will Tracey be able to survive the suburbs or will she find herself running back to the city?

Slightly Suburban by Wendy Markham is the fifth in the "Slightly" series, following main character Tracey through her life. While it is part of the series it does stand up on its own and you don't need to read the other four books first. However, if you want to give these books a go it is probably better to start at the beginning.

While this is a quick, light read it is a case of the actual book not being what you are expecting from the title of the book jacket. Most of the book is the lead-up to leaving the city and by the time they reach the suburbs the book is more than halfway done. The "stay at home yoga moms" were one who showed up once. I was expecting a lot more ups and downs in the suburbs which I didn't get.

That being said, it is still a quick and fluffy chick lit read. From what I have read on GoodReads, it seems that it is better to start at the beginning of the series and get yourself invested in the characters and their lives if you want some enjoyment out of the book.


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