"The Bomber" by Liza Marklund

It's 3:22 a.m. when a call comes in for journalist Annika Bengtzon. A bomb has exploded in Stockholm's new Olympic arena just months before the Summer Games. Not only has it destroyed part of the arena but it has blown someone to pieces. Annika sets out to cover the story and she develops a hunch that this isn't an act of terrorism but a personal vendetta. Soon, another bomb has exploded and the hunt for the perpetrator intensifies. As Annika digs deeper, eager to get the biggest story of her career, she finds herself in the path of the bomber and her big scoop may be her last.

The Bomber by Liza Marklund is a Scandinavian thriller, one that conjures up the idea of curling up under a blanket while the wind whips cold outside. It is a part of the Annika Bengtzon series, following the lead character as she works her way up the ladder in the journalism world.

Annika is a tough but likeable character. She certainly has her flaws and you can't help but be a little annoyed at her for her some of her choices but she earns your respect as the tough head of the crime department at a major newspaper where many of her co-workers are out to get her. In addition to the mystery the book gives readers an interesting look at what goes on at a paper in the midst of a major news story.

My first thought of this book was "I wish I hadn't started this so late at night." It is most definitely a page-turner. Right from the first page you are drawn in and you won't want to put it down until you have figured out who the bomber is and why. The book did slow down a bit and begin to lag at the end but not enough to turn me off of the book at all.

Marklund is a fantastic writer. She pays attention to detail and brings Stockholm to life for readers who have never been there. Most importantly she has created an interesting, relatable and inspiring character in Annika Bengtzon. In the past I have shied away from these types of novels (mysteries/thrillers) but Marklund has definitely changed my mind on that. I look forward to reading more of her books.

I received this book courtesy of Random House. I received no compensation for the opinions expressed above.


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