"I Got This" by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has achieved a lot in her life - appearing on American Idol, winning an Academy Award, releasing her own albums, marrying and having a child. But these days what she is well known for is losing over eighty pounds on the Weight Watchers diet plan. And now she is sharing this journey in a new book called I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down.

While at first glance you would think this book is a memoir it's actually more of an inspirational book. The first half of the book chronicles her life from her childhood to getting started in the entertainment industry and on to starting her family. However, it does seem to skip through this part of her life and she really only talks about these experiences from the perspective of her weight issues. The second half of the book is about her experience with Weight Watchers. She goes in-depth with the program, how it works, and how to do your best on the program. She shares the stories of some of her family members who also joined the program.

I picked up this book because I have liked Jennifer Hudson since her days on American Idol and I was looking forward to getting to know more about her and her experience in the industry. She has always seemed like a normal girl who has been able to stay true to her values. There wasn't much of this in the book. I probably should have realized that from the title. And if you're wondering, she doesn't address her family tragedy at all.

If you're interested in hearing about her weight loss journey, then you will enjoy this book, especially if you're familiar with the Weight Watchers program. It's very impressive that she was able to lose over eighty pounds through changing her eating habits and increasing her exercise. She did it in an easy way with no gimmicks and this book will be motivational for anyone who is trying to lose weight. Jennifer's story shows that if you stick to it and work hard, you can achieve what you set your mind to. Be warned though, at times this book definitely feels like a Weight Watchers infomercial.


  1. I kinda thought that the book would be more of a weight watchers theme than her memoir. thanks for the review.


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