"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

I feel strange writing book reviews for classic books. Chances are you know the book (even if you haven't read it) so I'm not telling you anything new about it. And it's a classic so it seems pretty obvious there are lots of reasons to read it. So what else can I add?

Does this review of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen even need a plot summary? Here's a quick one: five sisters with a mother obsessed about marrying well; dashing, eligible suitor and his cold, prideful friend; vanity, prejudice, love. That should be enough to make anyone pick up the book.

Most people are shocked to find out that I have never read this book. I've always been pretty surprised of that myself and as I began reading it, I couldn't understand why I hadn't picked up the book sooner. Right from the start I was hooked. The characters are fantastic. Elizabeth is a strong, independent woman that everyone would love. Jane is sweet and endearing. Mr. Bennet is hilarious, I can only imagine one needs a sense of humour when they are the father of five daughters, especially of the younger ones. Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Darcy and the Bingley sisters got on my nerves from the start, but I think they gave me the most smiles because all I could think was "wow, times haven't changed at all."

The language may have changed since Jane Austen wrote the book but the themes remain the same. The vanity and behaviour of Mr. Darcy and the Bingley sisters isn't surprising as it still exists today. Same with the high-reaching obsessiveness of Mrs. Bennet.

The only thing that bothered me about the book was the length of it. Or more the fact that it could have done without some parts of the story. A few of the journeys/visits I personally felt could have been shorter (or not at all.) But other than that I can't find much to criticize about the book. It's a fabulous look into history and the place of women in it. Times have changed a lot and we may have all loosened up a bit, but when it really comes down to it, human nature is always the same.


  1. This is one of my all-time favorite books. I read it in college and then about a year ago I reread it. I agree that it's hard to write reviews about classics, but it's fun to share your thoughts. I also have all the other Jane Austen books on my shelf that I have never read, but am hoping to read soon!

  2. This was my first Jane Austen book and while I liked it, I was more taken with Sense & Sensibility. I'm now reading Emma. You're right, you do get hooked :)


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