Fall Into Reading 2011 Wrap-up

I went into Fall Into Reading 2011, hosted by Callapidder Days, with great intentions of clearing of my shelf of books I own but haven't read yet. And as the season comes to an end I look at my shelf and it still looks pretty much the same way it did back in September. I've done quite a bit of reading in the last few months, just not from my shelf. In fact, the pile on the shelf grew during this time.

I had two lists of books I wanted to read - one for this blog and one for my Christian book blog. I managed to read 3 books in total, one from my Christian blog and two from here. Which hey, that's still 3 off the to read shelf and permanently shelved on the big bookcase, right?

I had also wanted to read 50 French books with my daughter. Well, I kind of forgot about that so I didn't count. But we have done a lot of reading over the past few months and her collection of French books is always growing so I'm confident we did well in this area.

If there is one thing I've learned recently, timed reading challenges in which I decide which books I will read ahead of time just don't seem to work for me. I spend more time preparing for the challenge than I actually do reading for the challenge! That's ok though. Even though I didn't read as much as I had planned and I did get some books read and that is an accomplishment.

How did you do?


  1. I can't stick strictly to my list either - but I think having a goal of some kind does help. I see a holiday reading challenge in your sidebar - must go check it out. Like I said - a goal helps.

  2. You did do well and adding another language into the mix is really challenging and good! Way to go!

  3. Wow reading in another language is fantastic, I would love that but I don't speak a foriegn language I wish I did such a wonderful talent to have. I too did not complete my list but hey I read. xx

  4. That is still three read, exactly! good job!

    Missional Mama

  5. Chuckling as I read more books which were NOT on my original list than I actually read from my list and have a pretty hefty "want to read in 2012 list" going on already. :)

  6. Hey -- you did make some progress on that shelf, and more importantly, it sounds like you enjoyed your reading this fall, so that makes it a success in my book. :) And you're right, I think different challenges work for different people. Still glad to have you along, this fall!


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