"Celebrity Shopper" by Carmen Reid

Personal Shopper Annie Valentine is back and she is busier than ever! Her television series How Not To Shop is in its second season, her husband Ed is at home taking care of her two older children and their baby twins, their house is under renovation (there are holes in the walls and the ceiling), and her mom is living with them. Just as she thinks she has things under control a nosy tabloid reporter begins snooping around her life and Annie finds out she's in danger of being replaced as host of her own show. So what does Annie decide to do to save her job? Walk in the Scottish hillsides in three-inch heels of course!

Celebrity Shopper by Carmen Reid is the fourth book in the Annie Valentine series. Annie is a personal shopper determined to provide a good life for her children while enjoying the many perks of working in the fashion industry. Life isn't always easy for Annie and she certainly finds herself in a lot of trouble, but it's nothing she can't handle!

I've really enjoyed the Annie Valentine books so far. For me they are as fun as Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series and Meg Cabot's Queen of Babble books. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good chick lit series. While I enjoyed this offering by Carmen Reid I have to admit that I did get pretty annoyed with some of the characters throughout the book. First with Annie as I really felt like her priorities were out of whack. I get that she's the breadwinner for the family right now and I don't have anything against working mothers, I just felt like she didn't fully understand the magnitude her actions were having on her family, and that she didn't care much. The second character I was annoyed at was Ed. He needed to seriously man up and stop being so antsy when it came to raising the kids. Yes, I understand what being a first time parent is like and I can't imagine doing it with twins but seriously, he needed a kick in the pants!

Those annoyances aside, this was still a great read. The Paris fashion show scene is hilarious. Annie's friend Svetlana is a sidekick dream come true. And the Scottish hillwalking scene is an accident waiting to happen. Overall this is a fun read, a quick escape, and another enjoyable offering from Carmen Reid.


  1. thank for your review. while I like your review, I don't think this book is for me.


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