Summer Reading List

I never really noticed before but my reading is very seasonal. I like deeper topics and real-life stories in the winter and fluffy chick lit in the summer! And with the summer here I have drawn up what I think is a great list for my summer reading:

The Baby Planner - Josie Brown
Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell
The Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond
Celebrity Shopper - Carmen Reid
New York Valentine - Carmen Reid
The Girl in the Mirror - Cecelia Ahern
Spa Wars - Chrissie Manby
Tales from the Yoga Studio - Rain Mitchell
Mum on the Run - Fiona Gibson
My Single Friend - Jane Costello
Something From Tiffany's - Melissa Hill
The Single Girls To Do List - Lindsay Kelk
The Wedding Writer - Susan Schneider

But it won't be all fluffy chick lit all summer, I need to give my brain some sort of workout by switching things up. So I also plan to read:

Escape - Barbara Delinsky
It's Not Really About the Hair - Tabatha Coffey
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky - Heidi Durrow
The Kid - Sapphire
On the Outside Looking Indian - Rupinder Gill

I personally feel that is a much better list than any school could come up with! Do you have a summer reading list?


  1. Great summer reading list.

    I do love chick-lit but have had a run of historical fiction recently. One book leads to another.....



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