Canadian Book Challenge 5

Canada Day (July 1) is almost here! It's one of my favourite holidays full of parades, barbecues, fireworks, and of course the red maple leaf flying everywhere. If you are a Canadian reader, why not celebrate Canada Day this year by signing up for the Canadian Book Challenge (CBC...get it?) If you're not Canadian, why not sign up and discover some of the amazing books our country has to offer. We're a strange people, very polite, apologetic and we know how to brew a good beer. We're diverse, talented and have an interesting sense of humour. We like u's in our words (see humour) and pronounce z "zed" not "zee" (the way it's supposed to be!) We occupy a vast, spacious piece of land that has only two seasons - winter and construction. And because of all that, we tell great stories.

The Canadian Book Challenge begins on July 1 2011 and the goal is to read 13 Canadian books in a year. You can sign up by heading over to The Book Mine Set. If you need help finding some great Canadian reads you can check out my tab "Oh Canada" for a linked list of Canadian books I have read and reviewed.

So sign up for the challenge, grab yourself a two-four and some poutine, get settled into your chesterfield and get reading. When you're done we'll meet up at Timmy's for a double-double eh?


  1. Already signed up and have my first few books selected. I am going to try an read through the list of Giller winners.

  2. Cool idea! I shall celebrate by reading the two Canadian books currently on my 'to read' shelf!



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