Oh Canada!

A couple of years ago I challenged myself to read more Canadian books.  I think all those years of high school English made me stay away from them because after five years there was only one book that I actually liked (In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje.)  But since I started my personal challenge, I have found so many fabulous Canadian authors and books, and I will keep a list of them here.

Also be sure to check out John Mutford's Canadian Book Challenge (CBC) at The Book Mine Set.

Canadian Books, by author

Abraham, Carolyn
The Juggler's Children

Adderson, Caroline

Aguirre, Carmen

Al-Solaylee, Kamal
Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes

Alexis, André

Arden, Jann

Armstrong, Kelley
City of the Lost

Armstrong, Sally

Atwood, Margaret
The Year of the Flood

Bergen, David
The Matter With Morris

Berkhout, Nina
The Gallery of Lost Species

Best Katrina

Bezmozgis, David

Blair, Peggy

Bloomfield, Lori-Ann

Bock, Dennis
Going Home Again

Bowen, Rhonda

Brazier, Brendan

Buchanan, Cathy Marie

Cameron, Claire

Caple, Natalee

Castrée, Geneviève

Choa-Johnston, Simon
The House of Wives

Chow, Olivia

Clarke, Austin

Coady, Lynn

Coupland, Douglas
Player One

Davidson, Craig
Cataract City

Deacon, Gillian

De Mariaffi, Elisabeth
How to Get Along With Women
The Devil You Know

De Sa, Anthony
Kicking the Sky

deWitt, Patrick

Dickner, Nicolas

Doctor, Farzana
All Inclusive

Donoghue, Emma

Dower, Tricia
Becoming Lin

Doyle, John

Edugyan, Esi

Ellis, Deborah

Elton, Sarah

Enahoro, Carole

Fallis, Terry

Ferguson, Will

Fu, Kim

Galchen, Rivka
American Innovations

Gartner, Zsuzsi

Goreski, Brad

Hill, Karen
Café Babanussa

Hill, Lawrence

Hooper, Emma
Etta and Otto and Russell and James

Hopkinson, Nalo

Howell, Tom
The Rude Story of English

Humphreys, Helen
The Evening Chorus

Itani, Frances

Izzo, Kim

Johnston, E.K.
Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Kelly, Deirdre
Paris Times Eight

Keri, Jonah
Up, Up, and Away

Kinew, Wab
The Reason You Walk

King, Thomas
The Inconvenient Indian

Kirkby, Mary-Ann

Kirshner, Lauren

Kuitenbrouwer, Kathryn
All the Broken Things

LaBoucane-Benson, Patti
The Outside Circle

Laferrière, Dany

Lam, Vincent

Lindberg, Tracey

Lindhout, Amanda
A House in the Sky

Livingston, Billie
The Crooked Heart of Mercy

Maharaj, Rabindranath

Mandel, Howie
Here's the Deal, Don't Touch Me

Mandelman, Avner
The Debba

McAdam, Colin
A Beautiful Truth

McKenzie, Catherine

Michaels, Sean
Us Conductors

Moffit, Mitchell and Greg Brown

Moore, Lisa

Mootoo, Shani
Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

Munro, Alice
Family Furnishings

Nattel, Lillian

Nawaz, Saleema
Bone and Bread

Nawaz, Zarqa

Nemat, Marina

Ondaatje, Michael

Onrait, Jay

Onstad, Katrina

Pullinger, Kate
Landing Gear

Reid, Raziel
When Everything Feels Like the Movies

Rich, Roberta
The Midwife of Venice

Richardson, Jael Ealey

Richler, Nancy

Rothman, Claire Holden
My October

Saucier, Jocelyne
And the Birds Rained Down

Saul, Nick and Andrea Curtis

Scanlan, Lawrence
A Year of Living Generously

Schofield, Anakana 
Martin John

Schultz, Emily

Simmons, Chantel

Love Struck

Simpson, Jon Chan

Skibsrud, Johanna

Smith, Russell

Strube, Cordelia

Stuart, Amy
Still Mine

Suzuki, David

Szado, Ania
Studio Saint-Ex

Thomas, Joan

Thuy, Kim

Toews, Miriam

Uppal, Priscila
Cover Before Striking

Vasil, Adria

Vaz-Oxlade, Gail

Easy Money

Viswanathan, Padma
The Ever After of Ashwin Rao

Vlaminck, Erik
Fire and Air

Wangersky, Russell

Warren, Dianne

Cool Water

Winter, Michael
Minister Without Portfolio

Wolfe, Inger Ash

Zener, Naomi Elena
Deathbed Dimes

Zentner, Alexi


  1. What a fabulous list! I have just moved to Canada and this is exactly the kind of list I have been looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. You're welcome, I'm so glad you'll find this list useful, there are a lot of great books there, and I update it each month!

  3. Shan, I'm glad to see you have an Oh Canada section for books. Are you aware of the existence of The Word Guild? It is a national association of Canadian writers and editors who are Christian. www.thewordguild.com. We also have a website specifically for connecting readerss with writers at http://canadianchristianwriters.com/.

    We have over 400 members across Canada who write in many different genres. You can sign up for free to get on our mailing list and hear about many new book releases by Canadians. People who are not writers themselves but who want to be part of the community and show their support are also welcome to join the association.

    We are passionate about helping Canadians to discover and read work by their fellow Canadians, and to dissipating the old views that Canadian writers somehow aren't as good or interesting as American or British writers. I think a lot of people got turned off in past high school or university courses, and of course Canadian Christian bookstores sell majority American product.

    Something else you'll find interesting - I am the co-editor of two 100 percent Canadian books that showcase 60 writers who write from a Christian faith perspective, Hot Apple Cider and A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. We've received 5 star reviews, so be sure to look for them. Inspiring, hope-filled books, consisting of short pieces that can be read before going to bed, while in a waiting room, etc. All info at www.hotapplecider.ca.

    If you're on Facebook, you can find The Word Guild, Hot Apple Cider books, and our Write! Canada conference there to see the latest news.

    Best wishes with your reading
    Wendy Nelles
    Co-Founder, The Word Guild
    Co-Editor, Hot Apple Cider book series

  4. I'm part of the Canadian Reading Challenge at BookMineSet as well and have a Canadian Book shelf at goodreads profile under "writer..." in case you're interested in other titles by Canadians.

  5. I'm a proud Canadian, but I'm not proud to say I don't think I've read a Canadian author before. I'll have to use your list as a guide!


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