"What a Girl Wants" by Lindsey Kelk

The last time we saw Tess Brookes she was in Hawaii, pretending to be her flatmate, working as a photographer, and finding herself in way over her head in all aspects of her life.  And now, she has a major decision to make.  Charlie, her best friend and the guy she has been lusting after for years is finally starting to feel the same way.  He wants her to stay in London, start a new advertising agency with him, and more importantly, start a relationship.  But she also has the opportunity to head to Milan and start a new career in photography.  And waiting for her there is Nick, the frustrating but extremely sexy man she met in Hawaii.  For once, Tess has to choose between two lives she could only have dreamed of before.  It’s time for Tess to decide exactly what she wants out of life.

What a Girl Wants, by Lindsey Kelk, picks up right where About A Girl left off and is a fun, breezy follow-up.  While the first book was about escaping from real-life, this one is about figuring out what real life will be when you return.

In the first book, I mentioned that Tess was a character that I fell for right away and absolutely enjoyed.  This book, not as much.  She’s still a great main character but this time around I wasn’t impressed with some of her actions or decisions.  I was starting to wonder if there was too much time between reading the books because she just didn’t seem like the Tess I remembered.  I was, however, thrilled to see that her best friend Amy got a lot more time in this book.  She was a great laugh in the first book and continued to be, even more, in this one.

I liked the plot of this book and I liked the way it played out.  Girl lusts after best friend for years then finally best friend notices her is something we see often in books and movies.  But this time, it’s not such an easy, happy ending.  There is someone else in Tess’ life and it makes it hard for her to decide what to do.  What makes this story stand out from others like it is the other guy, well he’s just not that likeable.  But you can see why he is sending Tess into a tailspin.  This should be a very easy decision but it’s not.  

Lindsey Kelk is a great writer.  Her characters always find themselves in unique situations, ones that she writes with great humour.  The excitement and drama always continues right to the last page, making it an enjoyable experience for the reader.  This book is no different.  Yes, there were moments where I really didn’t like the main characters much but I quickly found myself warming up to them again.  Even when you’re not a fan of some of the characters, Kelk’s writing is so great that it doesn’t take away from enjoying the book.  Another great book and another great series from Lindsey Kelk.


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