August Birchbox Review

This month I received my first Birchbox make-up subscription box.  I’m a pretty low maintenance girl but I do love make-up and new products so this is a fun way to try things I might not otherwise pick out for myself.  I thought I would add something new to my blog, where I share my favourite products as well as test-drive some new products.  So here is my first Birchbox review!
(I desperately need a new phone with a better camera.)

amika Un.Done Texture Spray
 Styling spray that gives hair effortless, tousled volume, loads of shine and a dreamy scent 

I really liked this product.  I tend to do a wash and go thing with my hair and rarely blow-dry my hair in the summer but I had a few places to go that my hair needed to be looking good so I used this product.  I do love the scent and there was definitely some added shine.  I tried this a few different ways (straight blow-dried hair, wavy air-dried, wavy blow-dried) but liked the product best after I had blow-dried my hair straight.

LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip
 This creamy crayon delivers a rich, easy-to-apply colour for both lips and cheeks

I love a lip crayon.  My lips get pretty dry and lipstick never stays on for me so I’ve always used crayons.  I like this one, however I found that if I used just the crayon, it came off quick and flaky and didn’t look good.  But when I combined it with my L’oréal Colour Riche Balm in Rose Elixir (a very light pink gloss) it looked and felt fantastic.  I also really liked using this on my cheeks, however I’d rather use it on my lips.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels 
Peptide-packed, easy-to-use cooling treatments to hydrate and refresh stressed skin under the eyes

I’ve never tried something like this before.  Little patches you put under your eyes, they feel funny and awesome at the same time.  Did I notice life-changing results after just one use? Nope, but boy did they feel absolutely amazing when I knew my face could use a little pick-me-up.  I’m sure that with regular use, I'd notice a difference.

Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm 
Part skin-care, part aromatherapy, this botanical-packed cream nourishes the skin and calms the mind

I used this exclusively on my face as it came in a trial size package.  I did not care for the scent of it.  It says it is a blend of essential oils including lemon, nutmeg, orange, and lavender.  I just felt like the lavender over-powered the rest.  If the scent wasn’t so strong it wouldn’t bother me, but it was just too much.  It’s a nice light lotion and I liked it for my face in the summer.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream 
A shea butter-packed shaving cream in a pick-me-up pomegranate scent

I loved the results of this product.  I got a great close shave on my legs and my legs felt so soft and moisturized after.  The pomegranate scent is surprising.  I also liked that the cream didn’t clog up the razor the way other similar creams I have used do.  

What I Would Buy: The LAQA & Co. crayon, the Whish Shaving Cream, the amika Spray, the Skyn Iceland Eye Gels

What I Would Pass On But Look for Other Products From This Company: Temple Spa Face & Body Balm


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