Top Ten Tuesday: Top Authors I've Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

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In the past I have always been the type of reader that finds a select group of writers they like and just reads everything that person writes.  But since I began blogging four years ago I have opened myself up to many, many new authors.  But that means that there are lot of authors who I end up reading one book by and though I really want to read more of their books, I never get around to it.  So this was a pretty easy list for me to put together.  I have divided it into two categories: Canadian authors and Chick Lit authors.

Canadian Authors

Joseph Boyden: I thoroughly enjoyed The Orenda, it is such a fantastic historical novel that truly captures the beginnings of our country and I know that Boyden is a strong voice for First Nations history and culture so I really want to read more of his books.  I also saw him speak at the Toronto Word on the Street and he is a fantastic, funny speaker.

Nalo Hopkinson: I first learned about Nalo Hopkinson after I started blogging and I read The Chaos.  There was so much I loved about it - speculative fiction (something I'm new to), Canadian, diverse, Caribbean folklore - that I need to read more of her work and unique voice.

Terry Fallis: There is something unique about Canadian humour and Terry Fallis captures it perfectly.  I loved Up and Down and enjoyed the mini-series of The Best Laid Plans so I definitely want to read everything he has written and will write.

Austin Clarke:  I love Canadian writers and I love Caribbean writers so when you combine the two I am very happy.  Clarke is such an acclaimed writer, I think all Canadians should be reading everything he has written.

Linwood Barclay: For years I read Barclay's humour column in the Toronto Star and I was so disappointed when he retired the column.  But then I found out that he would be writing books, and mystery/thrillers!  I have read one and it was spine-chillingly good so I really need to read the rest of his books.  

Chick Lit Authors
Chick lit is the one genre where I tend to read the same authors over and over again.  This past year I started branching out and trying new authors and now there are more that I need to read everything they have written.

Alexandra Potter: Loved, loved, loved The Love Detective.  A gorgeous, romantic trip through India, it was lovely.  I can't wait to read more of her work.

Belinda Jones: I only recently discovered Belinda Jones with The Travelling Tea Shop.  I love Chick Lit novels that travel the world and all of her books do that so I definitely have to read them.

Rosie Blake: How to Get a (Love) Life is a fantastic novel and I must read everything Rosie Blake writes.  I just need her to write them!

Miranda Dickinson: For a while now I've seen her name and books around and yet I only recently picked up When I Fall in Love and now I'm wondering why I waited so long.

Milly Johnson:  So far I have read Here Come the Girls but I also have White Wedding on my shelf.  Milly Johnson has written a number of books that all sound fantastic and have the most beautiful covers and she is now officially one of the authors I will always take with me on vacation!  


  1. One interesting thing about Linwood Barclay is that he is huge in the UK. Like, massive. He walks down the street and gets recognized. I've read quite a few of his books and liked them even though thrillers aren't really my thing.


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