"OMG Baby!" by Emma Garcia

Vivenne finally found true love with her best friend Max, but then it went all wrong.  And after a rather public declaration of her love followed by very public search when Max went missing, they are about to be reunited.  When Viv starts to feel sick, she puts it down to nerves but she and Max are soon about to find out that it’s something much bigger. 

Max and Viv are thrilled to discover that they are expecting a baby.  But soon, it all sinks in and they begin to wonder how they can care for a baby when they can barely care for themselves.  Add to this situation Viv starting her own business and her estranged mother reappearing and moving in to their tiny apartment, and they begin to wonder if their relationship will make it to the birth of their baby.

OMG Baby! is the second novel from Emma Garcia, and the follow-up to the fantastic Never Google Heartbreak.   Fabulous and fun, it is full of laughs and all around craziness.  

I loved the character of Viv in the first novel, finding her frustrating but at the same time endearing.  And it is more of the same in this book.  She is absolutely enjoyable and I love her craziness.  And Max.  Dear, sweet Max.  In reviewing the first book, I said that everyone needs a Max in their lives, and this book further proves that truth.  

I think the character of Rainey, Viv’s mum, shows how great the writing is.  This is a totally unlikeable person and yet you want more of the character because of the situations she creates and because of the humour she injects into the story.  The part where Viv discovers Rainey eating in a certain restaurant had me laughing out loud for a very long time, as we all know people like that.

The only thing I found difficult about this book is that it doesn’t give you enough of the backstory to start out.  Most sequels give you a quick rundown of how things happened in the previous novel but I found with this one, there was a lot I forgot and wasn’t brought up to speed on.  So this book is definitely best read right after the first one, and I very much suggest reading both of these books rather than trying to treat this one as a stand alone novel.

In my review of Never Google Heartbreak, I mentioned that Emma Garcia is perfect for people who love the series writing of Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Kinsella, and I still stand by that.  Vivienne Summers is a wonderful character and I really hope that this isn’t the last we have seen of her.


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