"Reasons My Kid is Crying" by Greg Pembroke

It all started when Greg Pembroke posted a few pictures online of his son crying for what to adults seems like a completely trivial reason - he had broken his bit of cheese in half.  Parents around the world completely understood what was going on and soon Pembroke’s blog, Reasons My Son is Crying, became a pop culture success.

Now, Pembroke has turned that blog into a book titled Reasons My Kid is Crying.  The best submissions to his blog, each picture comes with one sentence explaining what made the child cry.  Some of my favourites include:

“I told him he didn’t need that band-aid anymore.” pg. 58

“Water got on his bathing suit.” pg. 150

“I wouldn’t let him play with the dead squirrel he found in the yard.” pg. 152

“We took her to see Santa.” pg. 181

“I have no idea why my son is crying.” pg. 192

This is a lovely book, one that you can quickly flip through.  Reading through it, I didn’t find it to be about poking fun at children or trivializing their problems, but rather a celebration of their innocence and how they view the world.  This is a great gift for parents of every stage and one I will definitely be sharing with all of the new parents I know.


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